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Sperax Play debuted and garnered over 500K real active users across 94 countries, with user engagement rate over 8,000 ppl/min.

All these were achieved in mere two months, unprecedented in the world of crypto mobile apps. Play will truly be the game-changing portal for blockchain mass adoption.


Refining and gamifying the cloud mining experience to construct a solid and loyal community, where users can earn Snowball rewards and make friends.

Released v1.1 in early April, we are confident that the total number of users will soar to x within x weeks. With a host of new features fleshed out in the spirit of fairness, v1.1 presents an optimized mining formula, an upgraded UI design, team management, mining reminders, etc.


We will render users a holistic service where they can access a suite of Sperax DeFi products in one click. There, they can mint USDs, participate in liquidity mining, profit from yield farming, partake in Sperax governance, etc. Users can stake both SPA and BNB to participate in DAO and determine the conversion rate between their mining points and SPAs. Our survey shows that 70-80% Sperax Play users are new to crypto, which can be easily translated into a major influx of new investors.


Sperax Play will be the ultimate portal for anyone looking to enter the DeFi-verse.


We believe that blockchain is destined to revolutionize the world, especially from a financial perspective. For more people to benefit from blockchain on a daily basis, we need a product which is rid of any complicated crypto hurdles.


Our vision is to enable the unbanked and underserved population to benefit from the advances in DeFi.