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⭐USDs Governance and Future adoption
As the USDs model becomes more robust, the Sperax community will be the entity that dictate the future collaterals and token bridges. In addition, as a key factor in designing USDs, interoperability welcomes participation from all ecosystems, because Sperax is building modern money for mainstream adoption, where everyone can access a better financial experience.

<Short-term: Arbitrage Trading & high interest rate for who seek immediate profits>

    As the protocol grows, part of the value that leaves the system during redemption becomes SPA tokens. USDs can pay users 50x-100x more interest than a traditional bank; enabling hodlers to generate passive income. The collateral used to mint USDs will be re-invested through audited decentralized projects, like yearn.finance, to generate yield.

<Mid-term: Integrate USDs into Sperax Play for non DeFi-native users>

    Users can always redeem USDs for $1 worth of crypto assets. We vision to popularize USDs to the general population by integrating it into our dApp and the Sperax Play mobile app, which has more than 300K users and the most intuitive experience. We will also deploy Sperax yield aggregator, a more sophisticated tool where users can customize their collateral strategies, maximize profits, and reduce transaction costs.

<Long-term: Deliver financial services to both the underbanked and unbanked>

    Protect Wealth: Where crypto assets are highly volatile, users can preserve wealth by swapping their digital assets for USDs. Unlike other stablecoins, USDs hodlers are protected against inflation due to its interest-bearing nature.
    Smooth payment: USDs will be a price-stable cryptocurrency that will power the next-generation payment network and grow the real GDP of the blockchain economy. USDs will be available in major payment platforms, offering both secure, reliable, and fraud-resistant transactions and convenient settlement with merchants in fiat. This is especially beneficial to people in countries with substantial censorship and restrictions, because USDs is decentralized and censorship-free.
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