[Deprecated] Transfer SPA to Arbitrum from Ethereum

Though all the Sperax and SPA functionality lives on Arbitrum now - it might happen that some early users still have SPA on the chain Sperax started with - Ethereum. From today's perspective, SPA held on Ethereum can be used only for transfers between on-chain accounts or for depositing SPA to CEXs supporting SPA deposits on Ethereum. SPA on Ethereum can't be used for staking, yield farming (Sperax DApp and Demeter DApp), or for voting on SPA Gauge and Snapshot. If you still have SPA on Ethereum Mainnet, you need to bridge it from Ethereum to Arbitrum in order to unlock SPA potential in DeFi.

The Arbitrum bridge accepts a wrapped form of SPA (wSPA), so first of all you must wrap your SPA on Ethereum in order to bridge it. Don’t worry, the value of your tokens will not change.

Below you can find both text and video instructions for transferring SPA to Arbitrum. Please make sure you have some ETH in your wallet to manage gas fees when wrapping and bridging SPA. Please remember: wSPA has no other function except being an intermediary token for bridging. Please don't try to send wSPA to any CEX or sell it - the transaction may fail or you can lose your tokens. Use wSPA only to bridge it to Arbitrum and get there your Arbitrum SPA.

Additionally, if your tokens do not appear after swapping or bridging, make sure you manually add SPA token addresses to your wallet.

Step 1: SPA → wSPA (Ethereum Mainnet)

  1. Make sure you are connected to Ethereum Mainnet

  2. Navigate to our legacy custom wrapper here.

  3. Input the amount of SPA you intend to wrap in order to bridge to Arbitrum

  4. Approve the Contract and Submit Swap

STEP 2: Bridge wSPA --> Arbitrum

  1. Navigate to Arbitrum Bridge

  2. Make sure you are connected to Ethereum Mainnet

  3. Manually input the wSPA token address

    1. wSPA: 0x2a95FE4c7e64e09856989F9eA0b57B9AB5f770CB

  4. Approve Contract and Deposit

    1. Please make sure to add the L2 SPA token address in your wallet when it is connected to Arbitrum

    2. SPA L2: 0x5575552988A3A80504bBaeB1311674fCFd40aD4B

Note: Press ‘Enter’ after entering wSPA token address to select Wrapped Sperax

Switch the network your wallet connected to Arbitrum and find your SPA on Arbitrum (please take into account that the bridging process may take some time).

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