Key parameters and functions

Key parameters upgradeable via governance

  • Collateral types to mint/ redeem USDs.

  • Desired collateral composition, oracle used for price feed of the collateral, base Mint Fee, base Redemption Fee and price floor for each collateral type. Updating the price floor for collateral used to mint USDs. Setting the price floors for each collateral will allow the protocol to remain solvent when collaterals depeg. The protocol will not mint USDs with the collateral when the price of the collateral falls below the price floor.

  • Yield generation strategies for each collateral type. For example, adding new delta-neutral yield farming strategies based on other decentralized exchanges.

  • Harvesting incentive.

  • The USDs dripping rate from the dripper contract.

  • Minimum and maximum APR for distribution of Auto-Yield.

Key functions available to the public

  • Harvesting or claiming all kinds of yield tokens from the yield generation strategies. The harvester will be incentivized with a portion of the yield-farmed tokens.

  • Purchase harvested yield tokens for market price. We will use the respective oracles for the yield tokens to determine the market price. This experience will be similar to the currently implemented buyback contract.

  • Distributing the auto-yield to all addresses eligible to collect it. Rebase will also be triggered when someone Mints or Redeems.

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