Smart Contracts can opt in for the rebase feature (Auto-yield).

Externally owned accounts (EOAs) holding USDs were always eligible for the Auto-yield feature, but smart contract / smart wallets were not.

Sperax has introduced a new function: now smart accounts (or smart wallets) can call to opt in for auto rebase in USDs contract and to get Auto-yield.

An owners of a smart contract / smart wallet can opt in for rebase in USDs contract. The users will not need to claim (or send out any transactions to claim) the interest earned.

This is how to opt in your smart contract / smart wallet for rebase in USDs:

  1. Go to Arbiscan and search for USDs. Verify the correct USDs contract address: 0xD74f5255D557944cf7Dd0E45FF521520002D5748

  2. Go to the Token contract. ensure it is Sperax USD (USDs) deployed by Sperax Deployer 0x42d2f9f84EeB86574aA4E9FCccfD74066d809600

  3. Click on the contract and make sure your account is connected (Metamask, Gnosis Safe, or any other smart account).

  4. Go to “Write as Proxy”.

  5. Connect your wallet (choose WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, or any other wallet).

  6. Once connected, you will see two functions with the same name: rebaseOptIn You don’t have to call the first function because it’s an owner-only function (can be called only by the USDs owner). Instead, click the second function rebaseOptIn. This allows you to opt in for rebase for your own account (your smart contract account).

  7. Confirm the transaction, and your smart account will be opted in for auto rebase.

That’s it. Your smart account / smart wallet is eligible for auto-yield!

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