[Deprecated] Transfer SPA to Ethereum from Arbitrum

As all the SPA functionality lives on Arbitrum now, typically users don't need to transfer SPA to Ethereum from Arbitrum.

However, if it is needed due to any reason - please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Arbitrum Bridge

  2. Make sure you are connected to Arbitrum Mainnet

  3. Click on Token and manually input the SPA Arbitrum address which is 0x5575552988A3A80504bBaeB1311674fCFd40aD4B

  4. Once you have pasted the address, just press enter and it will show up as wSPA. Please select that

  5. Approve Contract and Deposit

  6. Once the transfer is complete, which may take ~ 10 days you will have wSPA on Layer 1

  7. You can then use this legacy page in our app to convert wSPA to SPA

Please remember: wSPA has no other function except being an intermediary token for bridging. Please don't try to send wSPA to any CEX or sell it - the transaction may fail or you can lose your tokens.

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