Liquidity Mining (Farms)

Adding Liquidity and Staking on Sperax Farms

  • Visit the farm page
  • Make sure your wallet is connected by clicking on ‘Connect Wallet’ in the upper right corner of the web page, your wallet will prompt you to authorize the DApp to connect
  • Press ‘Calculate returns’ and toggle inputs on Sperax farms to see potential ROI for providing liquidity! Please feel free to play with your expected SPA price at the end of the lockup period.
  • To add liquidity, choose the farm you’d like to stake in, and press on the ‘+ Liquidity’ button. Input deposit value of SPA, USDs, or USDC. The dApp will automatically fill pair values based on the inputted deposit value
  • Once you have added liquidity you can stake your LP tokens by clicking on the ‘Stake’ button, you will need to authorize the LP token spend if you are staking for the first time.
Watch the full videos here:

Farm calculator:

Adding liquidity and Staking on Sperax Farms: